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Arily Michele is named after an acronym her parents used in letters to each other. She began writing songs as a child in an attempt to express feelings she couldn’t quite name. She started producing music at the age of 14, layering synth loops over programmed drum beats, crafting lyrics to match, and recording them in her bedroom. 

Arily began taking music more seriously after receiving classical music theory and vocal training. She started a band called Viewfinders with the goal of merging her classical training with the psychedelic soundscapes she’d come to enjoy. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Arily’s focus turned inward. She revisited a solo project left that was left abandoned for several years: a six-song bedroom pop EP titled “Echolalia.” The project quickly flourished into a 10-track studio album, which was released in January 2021 alongside her debut single “Ophelia,” a retelling of the tragic Shakespearean story. The single was featured on cpr’s “colorado matters,” 303 magazine, and tons more. 

Arily has shifted gears and returned to her original means of production: layered vocal and synth tracks over programmed drum beats. Her current specialty is an r&b-infused dreampop sound that blends soulful lyrics with operatic vocal riffs. Her sophomore album, “Highway Hypnosis” is currently underway with demos in process.

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For booking or press inquiries, give me a shout at:

arily (dot) michele (at) gmail (dot) com.

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